Very big problem for me

hello, i have a very big problem idk if u also have it

so when i try to inject everything is fine, when i wanna click on “config”, it doesent matter if ingame or in lobby its crashing all the time. every. single. time.

and all other tabs work fine JUST THE CONFIG tab

tried redownloading loader, doesent work

I have the same problem, but your own cfg is loaded with the cheat, so I don’t care. I’m just going to play on some hvh server. and already on the server when I open the “config” tab nothing crashes.
anyway. if you need to save your config, then I will assume that you have the “autosafe” function enabled, so the config is saved by itself

Anyways this is an very fucking dumb bug / glitch or whatever

send crash log in a ticket and see what they say

Where can I see crash log

in your csgo folder

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