What are some irl hobbies you guys have


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playing basketball, riding a bike.

Bicycling with friends

Being w friends, working out, gaming, football and going to places i havent been.

physics and my gaming community

learning code ( java, c++ , c# , python ) and playing games

sleeping, joging

jacking off 24/7

Going out with friends

Books, tennis and motorcycles. I occasionally go to tours with the motorcycle club with my electra glide

flying drones, filming


Drugs alcohol cigarettes and going out with friends

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have some sex

bmx alot

iā€™m trying to learn how to code :sunglasses:

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Lol jokejoke

Reading, boxing, knife stunts and bush camping. I need to do anything that relieves me and honestly I find some peace in all of them. Though i dont fight competitively anymore.