What is good russian music

Can someone link me their fav russian Artist or some good russian Rap songs Mode chill ones too

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No russian music is good.

A song called I got love by miyagi & Эндшпиль got a nice beat. I like it :slight_smile:

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Very nice :grinning:

2nd one is my fav
Karol I Shut :crown:

A little translation for those for those that don’t understand.

1st one is about a girl taking drugs then seeing jesus and some Catholic Church og’s or what ever. After this song was released the Catholic Church tried to sue the creator.

2nd one speaking about some house of a farmer or whatever

3rd one is speaking about how a vampire bited him

4th speaking about some wizard

5th Speaking about how men came over and ate, Then the owner of the house forgot about his wife and coocked her.

Sorry if it wasn’t accurate, My russian isn’t like it used to be but this is songs that I used to listen to in my childhood. @xotiic_420 I hope this is good enough xD


All disgusting Russian music above me.

Nice thank you i will Listen to it

Enjoy bro

I used to listen to Russian rap, I can’t seem to find everything i used to listen to.

I’ve made a playlist with the music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL78nl4ztyrtimkig81XX7ikHBAUW3bqEc

You should def check it out.

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LIZER makes some good music imo

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anything by antoha mc

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rock dat hardbass bro

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+1 100% best music has a hard beat.


Some stuff for you