What is your guys favorite past time

I like to watch youtube or somthing.

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lol my profile lookin good

Replying to entertaining threads on this forum. Btw thanks for giving me so many vouches kind stranger :heart:


Ohh, for sure kind stranger :heart:

Netflix, Disney +, replying to threads on this forum, YouTube and eating.

From me also thanks for giving me so many likes.

Right now I’m into a series of books, it’s called Red Rising and each book is a masterpiece but I usually just install old games and play them again and again.

right now my day contains of, playing hvh, studying, jerking off, and being on here replying to threads xD what about you?



same same

gayming or youtube

Yoooooo wtffffff

Youtube and hulu is my normal day

@ren, i’ve never used hulu, is it good

No, Lol it just has the shows I want to watch.