What music do you listen to?

Why not start a topic and see what y’all listen to, if I can get some inspirations on some music e.t.c.
Type some songs and I’ll give it a rate xdd :smiley:


I listen to mostly UK rap, swedish rap and chill vibe music :stuck_out_tongue:

gay drill

indian music


0/10 simp

light up light up sketchers

100/100, indian music on top


xdddd top notch

I mostly listen to alternative rap/ lil peep style yk.
If you wanna see what I listen to you can check out my spotify playlist:

indie / alternative

lil bit of everything tbh. just no country lmao

oh nice, dafuq i linked it somehow

russian phonk is my life

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yung deprive
molchat doma - sudno
molchat doma - toska

KILLY - No Sad No Bad

I don’t know why i’m listening to this again.

I listen to Lil mosey, Juice wrld, Travis Scott, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby and Polo G

Currently listening to: Battle Beast - King for a Day.
In general I listen to metal/rock, very little rap nowadays.

i listen to this for 40 hours now