What private cheats do u guys have

ya guys what for private cheats do u guys own and use ?

nemesis xD


ot, but I want nl really bad


Only fatal i guess but its dead rn. never used it tho

none :pensive:

Actually i don’t have one.

Punknown and rifk7 :rofl:

ezfrags its private its the best cheat out rn anyone want a inv


rifk , evo , novo

millionware,nemesis,5c and a few more stuff

alot of shit.
neverlose,ev0lve,fatality,rifk7,gamesense and alot of old shit from 2017-2018

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gamesense :frowning_face:

well all of cheats listed here are not private, they are pretty much p2c. I got a private cheat that exists since 1.6, very small userbase hvh/legit, but besides that everything else is pretty much public that I got.

ev0lve and novolinehook

boberhook :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Only fatality