When are the applications are going to open?

When are the applications going to open??

P.s I,m tired of waiting

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Nobody knows the exact date when they will be open.

But they will be announced on the forums and on the Discord :

Discord: https://discord.gg/neverlosecc

Forums: https://forum.neverlose.cc

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Why did you link the forum when he literally made this post on the forum


ник дверьхвх1 ладно.


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  • lol

2099 (jk) Nobody know maybe next month

For people who are not on the brighter side :slight_smile:

we don’t know

ask and it will be longer :slight_smile:

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there is still people asking lol, just wait

Every day many people like you ask that question and the answear is always the same. Stop asking, you’re not helping yourself like that

no eta, or read the faq from discord