When did you start HVH? / когда ты начал HVH?


I actually started legit cheating back in 2013 and started HvH in 2015… and it was the best time back then :heart:

Started in 1939. The Germans invaded my polish friends, so I had to of course step it up a notch. After I killed all the Nazis, I then had to proceed to kill all other countries affiliated with them. Ended in 1945. Very memorable times, I was using 180 treehouse, I was unstoppable.

encouraging suicide



I started early 2017

2013 in minecraft 1.5.2

first time ive ever hvh was sep 1st 1939 vs the nazis

2012 minecraft 1.8 beta hvh was the shitttt


I cheated in every single-player game ever since I got a computer (pre-internet). Used to buy those magazines with cheat codes.

When CS:Source came out (2004), it was about the same time I got my first internet connection. Instantly started hanging out in hacker chats and cheat forums. Got to know the people that later created x22cheats. Used their hack to cheat in CSS. Got my first VAC ban. Kept making a separate Steam acc for every game I buy, since I cheat everywhere.

I don’t remember much actual hvh before 2016 or so. Took a few years for Valve’s situation to get completely out of control.

I like it. It’s surprising how balanced the maps are for hvh (Cache is kind of an exception).