When will the NL be updated? I would appreciate a hint

Information about the CS2 product update.

The latest CS2 update brought significant changes to the game engine and to the ability to interact with it. Although many of these changes may not be visible, they have had a huge impact on our software. We strive to maintain the high quality of our product and do not want to release an update that does not meet our standards and may lead to a poor user experience.

We are actively working on the update and apologize for such long delay.

As of now, we have compensated and frozen all users’ subscriptions. After the update is released, we will automatically unfreeze them and add a few bonus days for the wait.

Thank you for choosing us!
- Neverlose Team

Maybe in the next moment, maybe next week, maybe ask Doctor Strange

I have read this text many times. I hope the developers are monitoring the forum and will likely provide more information.