Which edit program are you using?

and version pls

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Adobe Premiere Pro [CC] 2020 (14.7)

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I used to use Sony Vegas 15-18 because it’s easier to learn and pretty simple. But now I’m using Premiere Pro and After Effect. (newest version)

i’m not using any :smiley:

adobe premiere pro CC 2020 or filmora X premium

shotcut, ik its pretty much only for beginners, but i love it and its easy to use

Adobe after effects 2020 ; Adobe audition CC2019 ; Sony Vegas Pro 17

youtube editor

S O N Y V E G A S P R O (yes it is a complete sentence)

Premiere Pro CC, specifically 2019 version.

Newest sony vegas.

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I use Adobe Premiere Pro (v14.8) and After Effects (v17.6)

sony vegas pro 17

obs :slight_smile:

thank you so much guys

I switch between Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, Adobe After Effects 2020 and MAGIX SONY VEGAS 18.

sony vegas 17 pro cracked xd

Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects 2020

Filmora latest version crack
Adobe Premiere Pro cracked.
I use filmora for the edits and Premiere for motion blur.