Worst cheat ive ever used

This fuckin paste cant even hit spirthack or any other cheat. and if it hit it hit after 1-2 misses due to correction or predict error pls i want refund


Check out the market if you don’t know how to config the cheat.
Check out some Youtube tutorials if you don’t know how to play.

ik how to config and play just this cheat is fuckin shit

user issue

nvm got better

It’s not cfg or user issue, multiple users of all levels, whether they are old and experienced in hvh or not, practically everyone is complaining about how the cheat works and how it behaves in certain scenes. I noticed that most users who shoot well use some external lua, it is bit frustrating, a cheat not being able to solve it alone. It’s like EA, it sells the game, but for the game work completely you need to buy a LOT of dlc’s

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User Issue

I use this cheat for semi rage (yh i hate hvh servers) and even if i use custom resolver when i miss is due to correction (resolver). Bad resolver construction i think. I tried different setting (own cfgs and market cfgs)… 0 spread, sometimes due to prediction error and a lot of correction misses… this is NL problem…


Y’all expect to never miss due to resolver in desync hvh smh

the problem is when you miss legit players.

has something very wrong in resolver.

Can happen when the cheat thinks the enemy is using anti-aim. Still doesn’t matter. Ragebot is meant to be used against cheaters anyway. If you die to a legit because of one miss you should change your playstyle lol

I have had my fair share as well, I was hitting 80% of my shots two days ago, all of a sudden I come back after those two days.
I start missing stomach to resolver 3 times in a row. I dont care missing the head as thats normal but misses too much sometimes. But the resolver has a problem when you miss the body to resolver. Especially after 3 shots.

Fr, you dont know how to setup CFG, clearly