Wow, ticket uid 481 and still no response for the csgo invitation

The title says it all.
It’s strange because a friend of mine told me that his application got denied, but he had an higher ticket uid.

Just wait :slight_smile:

Complaining about it won’t make it faster


Just pe patient.

Just wait, you will get a response eventually.

with that attitude i hope you don’t get accepted


i’m not complaining, i was wondering if it was just me or the uid didn’t matter

Thats only means that you tried to “push” your application by adding comments or reopening
Why people cant just wait?


I guess people are excited and see all those posts about people getting it. People always forget that we are talking about 1500 applications, It takes quite some time to get it done. In the end of the day everyone will get a answer.

There are 1500 applications, this is a big project because they said they will check everyone and give response. if you want to they work cautiously you should be patient.

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There are like 2 thousand applications,for example I just waited. You will get a response when you are less expecting. If u don’t get a response it means u forced your application by making another. I know you are anxious, just wait! Good luck btw =]

i really want invite too but it never happens:/

If you don’t do an application correctly obviously you won’t get it.


isnt that hard to wait :laughing:

a litter bit

I mean, I’m stuck with aimware so yeha, waiting is kinda hard

Well same here with Fata you just need to hold yourself up.

wait. simple

@Adolf_Myers only cheat i have a sub on rn is aw its not that hard to just not play hvh LOL