About application

This is NOT a request for invite.

On the applications that everyone did, what were some of the questions they wanted you to answer? I can’t find the post. I know pc specs and nothing else. I want to start on mine now so that I will have a good chance of getting the cheat.


you’ll have a bunch of time to make the app once they open, it’s pretty much the same as other cheat’s requests, so do as you wish.

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Okay, thanks

The following information must be specified:

Information about yourself:
other nicknames (if any), age, country of residence

Your PC specifications:
CPU, GPU, RAM, Windows version, etc.

Social links:
links to your YouTube channel, discord, forums (UnKnoWnCheaTs, etc)

Your experience of playing with other cheats (rage and legit):

What do you know about Neverlose:
How did you find out about our cheat; name any users who can vouch for you (of any).

What can you provide for our project:
How can you be useful to our community, what useful skills do you have, etc.

Extra information (Optional):
Any other information you might think is useful for us to know"


nice one tnx

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Thanks for sharing :smile:


Thank you so much bro <3

You’re welcome

@LeonKong, No problemo bro

@AliUran0s Yep

You can apply again next time. Please don’t worry.


where and how do you submit an application?

So far it is not possible to write an application but if possible you will be informed on discord and forum. All you need to do is check the forum or discord regularly.
(Not regulary but sometimes :grin:)

Have a good day.

and what is the discord and is there an invite I can get to the discord server

when will the application start?

Applications start at random times, from my knowledge.

Invite waves happen at the discretion of the administrators. The next application wave has not yet been announced and probably won’t be for a while as a wave just finished on the 2nd of February. If you would like to read about the previous application wave you can do so here: Link

However, when a wave does occur it will be announced in either 2 places.

The Discord: Link
The news forum section: Link

Hope this helps!

how can i see if the wave is on? i was checking the forum every day since 20.01 so i missed something.

Join the official Neverlose Discord server, usually applications are announced there. Either that, or you can always look at the tickets tab on this website depending on what invite(s) Neverlose is doing. As an example, for the previous application you needed a friend to make a ticket for you (if I remember correctly) to get you in. (it was basically them inviting you, but you still weren’t guaranteed to get into the cheat.)

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ty :slight_smile: