About HWID

Hello Neverlosers,

I got the HWID reset request.

There is my new system information



Whatsapp chat about purchasing the new system


I got the new system

I couldn’t upload this image to other website because other website only allows me to upload png files. If you don’t believe me you can try.

Other picture of the system

please reset my HWID as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention.

I wrote like this but they alwyas refusing my hwid reset request. did i write something wrong? can you help me please?

This picture links just for example. i sent real pictures.

any helps??

Have you provided purchase receipts ?

for cheat or for system?


of course i did

Then I do not know what to do.

Try submitting the ticket again

Can you run neverlose on an old computer?

no i can’t because i sold my old system and i bought new system. i opened ticket 3 times but they always refusing my requests

Oh, they probably think you bought an account. If there was an old computer, then there would be more chances (my opinion)

Sorry, I can’t help :frowning:

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my salary for 3 days :frowning:

but i have bill for cheat and i have email and phone for this account. this system is rediculuse

Try to collect most of the evidence that this is your personal account and purchase receipts, and also if you can provide proof that you sold an old PC (well, there’s correspondence with the buyer or something else) Collect everything in your power and create a ticket.