Adidas or Nike

In my opinion i like them both

If something looks good ill buy it


You are asking a Russian forum. We rockin that three stripped adidas pants with vodka.

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Stop making no sense topic for posts please, btw globe & osiris d3 2001

i like Nike’s more

Both are really good. I’ll buy them if their good but personally I’ve seen more good release from Adidas then Nike so I’ll have to go with adidas


DC tbh

Adibass :heart:




adidas suck.
Nike > all

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Im more of an Adidas kind of person.

Both are very good, but honestly, I prefer Adidas

adidas ofc



That’s a ridiculous question! Because Adidas concentrates more on sports equipment, balls, and referee gear, it’s difficult to say that Nike is clearly superior to Adidas. Nike, on the other hand, places a greater emphasis on individual sponsorship agreements. To that purpose, it’s worth attempting to categorize the brands’ cleats, for example, and draw certain inferences. All of Adidas’ athletic shoes, for example, are primarily designed for medium and wide feet. Nike has a larger selection of shoes for medium and thin foot. This differentiating trait of the brands is in no way a basis to assign a score to them. The durability of sneakers can be used to measure the quality of Adidas and Nike shoes. Although I prefer Yeezys, this is not imply that other brands are inferior! Everyone is unique!

adidas <3