Applications 1 week

hey, does somebody have a response to the application, its been one week and still nothing. not even a reaction, is this normal?
kind regards Rhytons


yes i can, fun fact is that people who does a application drunk get a msg back (denied) but people who trying to join dont get a response.

normal last application wave i only got an answer 1 week and a half. but if they got more applicants they will need more time

okay nice to hear that, bcz it sucks when people make fun applications with stupid informations and get a response.

omg broo give me a reply im more important then anyone else :weary: :weary: :weary:

what it was week already?? lol

sure u are

I agree with you .

They can lie in application and they can be accepted …
And some of us are applied with a reason and they can be denied …

That is very bad .

Life is like that

it’s a fucking joke you moron

it is ???

they get a message back (denied) BECAUSE their application is shit. If you put effort into your application and you didnt get a response yet its probably a good sing. Maybe they are holding yours back to choose from a closer selected circle of ppl. be patient


wowowowow, calm down and don’t call me moron dude

^^^^ can’t agree more

everyone needs to be patient because a lot of people applied too and the staff cant respond to thousands of applications in a hour

I mean honestly could anyone go through like 2k applications in 1 day? + They probably take them from a list or order after either when ppl sent it in or after their username

It has not been one week, and it has only been five days. They have over 5k applications to read. It’ll take a minimum of 2 weeks to finish them all. Just be patient.

Yes, it is normal because not all staff members have time to read 2K application. So, it might take some time until they view your application.

yep got a respond and got accepted :wink:

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are u flexin ova der :flushed: ??!?!