BEST CFG BY TimPlay - since 2K18(⭕️Red Version⭕️)

since 2k18 with nl? nice iq

hdf nn 27 apr 2021 joiner

AHahahashdashdsh 2k18

not with nl, but im pretty shure i playing from 2018

bcse i dont know about nl before this year

“but im pretty shure i playing from 2018”
i dont know about nl before this year. do you have brain? All youtubers making videos or medias with nl so your newcomer 2021 covid joiner

No man i make a mistake, i know about nl but not very interested about it, bcse i dont play public i play only unmatched, i dont cammunicate to other about nl before like march of 2020, i hope you will take care about my settings, bcse i pretty sure it very good)

And covid started on 2020 :grin:

ur sets are bad couse you play only on only scout

No im not, my last 2 screenshots wan on dm maked by autosniper only man!

dm dmmd mdm dm md mmd mdmdmdmmdmdmdmd where is mm hvh?

-_- bro just buy my config it very good, look at the reviews, dont say before buying😾

Mm on the first one