💎 Best Full Legit Config for main account [ HLTV ] 111 LVL | 29912 elo🏆

✦ Config was created for almost a month and was tested by both experienced and a user who had just bought a cheat who had not played with cheats
:zap:Everyone who used this config played on the main account was not banned and never received a grif ban
:gem:With this config, we were able to reach 25,000 ELO, well, then there were only rage players.

✦Also with this config HLTV, PRO players who said that I play well, were won.

Mouse 1 - legit aimbot
M4 - Trigger bot ket
F2 - Enabling or disabling visuals
Caps Lock - Edge Jump

:gear: Community server:
Discord: BloodStone
Config discord: Discord

Update 29.01

  • Updated aim
  • Updated visuals

46-11 very legit :clown_face:

:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Update 30.01.24

  • Updated pistols, deagle settings
  • Some fix

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: legit cfg and purchase


Update log:

  • Improved Trigger for AWP
  • Improved aimbot
  • Minor fixes in visuals & etc

Update 06.02.24

  • Improved Trigger
  • Improved aimbot
  • Added Automatic fire for pistols
  • Updated ak, m4
  • New skinks
  • Minor fixё