Buying coins

So i decided to buy nle coins but when i finish my payment it says internal server error or internal error idk whats the problem.

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:kissing_cat: :kissing_cat: :kissing_cat:

Bruh i am subscribed i am talking about nle coins

still use reseller

How can i buy chimera yaw from resellers xdddd

ur dumb or dumb? U can buy nle coins from reseller lol

yes buy from reseller bro

whats ur iq?

Itt Will cost lot more stupid

LOL i bet u from europe so u cant buy nle with card… is only cis

bruh i bought the sub with europe card lol iq

not the same payment system smartie

same payment system and u dont know that so shut up


to buy nle u must have CIS CARD u know what is CIS?

just buy it by crypto