Can someone review my application and tell me why I got declined?

A friend got accepted with a far worse and shorter application and I just don’t get it.

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Why was I refused?
Unfortunately, the administration does not specify the reasons for refusal. This is physically impossible in the event of such large numbers of applications.

Next time try to have a user vouch for you to have a higher chance of get accepted.

Yeah but that particular friend had no ppl vouching for him. I just don’t get it.

You simply got denied, no one knows except Staff and they’re not gonna say shit why. Stop with da bitching and just wait for next wave big dawg

I’m not bitching just thinkin that its very random and I just don’t get it

well big dawg, no one can give you a reason. Accept it and move on, hope to see you here next wave

I don’t think there will be anymore waves tho, I think they’re switching to invites. Thanks for the good wishes though.

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Better luck next time !!

send me screen of ur application and screen of ur friend in pm



If you are not accepted, then the staff has a reason, they do not answer this stupid question to anyone, you are not special.

Chill out I was asking the community not the staff.

We probably all know that you just asked but there is about 5 thread a day made by people saying that there are accepted or refused.