Can someone send me some good German HvH Servers

Most of the servers I try that are like in Europe or that I have low latency in are mostly empty or all dipshits with OTC Standing in a 1w and writing 1 when you try to Zeus them and fail like bruh I just want a Server who is full and chill people on it. Because like in my experience in German server like you can’t talk I have seen a guy get bullied by 3 people with skeet of the server

Maybe try it on Aventum.
You also can click on the latency text, when youre searching for an server, then it will show you the Servers first where you got the best ping.

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Try type in the console connect its a really chill server got good population normally. You should have really good ping aswell.

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IDK Aventum is kinda dead sometimes but not that bad and with the latency shit ye ikn that but the problem is the only serverss i have less than a 60 Ping on ar max 14 People but thats like one server and maybe 20people

On the big servers are always high pings.
You need some Nasa internet for that.
I often see some server with lower then 60 ping and like 15 ppl

idk i dont think i have that problem on a server thats 20people and sits in germany i get 9 ping but the problem is its either germany or uk or fucking NA

AVENTUM of course, i am russian, but i love aventum community, and this server without shitty plagins, but with good online