CFG By onezz- for 0.50 NLE best rage (xo-yaw used)

This is my cfg, it’s the one I use every day most games with a good kd and others.
Good visual to my liking, decent.
I’ve won a lot of 2v2s and 5v5s with this setup and I’m very happy to make good setups that work.
I have used it with xo-yaw and the truth is that it works very well. I tried many more configurations apart from mine and I notice something special in it, I don’t know why but it works much better for me than with other cfgs.
If you buy my cfg you will also get my configuration for xo-yaw just send me a dm and that’s it.
Here below I leave my cfg, if you can not pay for the site send me a dm to my discord: onezz-#9402

CFG: - Marketplace - Config "CFG BY ONEZZ"