Cheat crash

cheat crashes when joining a party on a social server.

They will probably fix it late in the evening


need to wait for an update. everyone is haveing the same issue :no_mouth:


i was freaking tryng to join game for 1h like an idiot till i came here

Sadly the new CSGO update has messed up the cheat, we have to be patient and wait for the devs to update the cheat. Hope this helped.


I wonder if we will receive compensation in the form of an extension of the subscription


sometimes they do give extra days for loader / cheat issues. but thats up to the staff / devs ig.

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Oh good not just me then.

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same, LOL

is issue actual?

if your meaning is this an actual issue, yes it is some options cause your game to crash on spawn. just wait for the next update :smiley:

yep, im crashed in game^(

they will update the cheat when my sub expires 100%, hope they give extra days

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they will most likely.


hope so :slight_smile:

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XD yeah 3months no updates already so hf

XD, btw don’t forget to ask soufiw for any updates xD, last time when there was no updates we got v2 now he don’t care so nl is most like dead project rn


crash. Fuckk

good to know but i guess we need to wait
i hope they dont take too long

ragebot and AA not working while playing competitive with BOTS