Crashhes ;c

I lost wingman because my game crashes lol

What did you do before it crashed?

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Is crashing because the staff want to update the cheat that is why

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i changed the skin

wait 10-15 minutes

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Okay, I understand, I m waiting patiently, good luck


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Shouldnt crash while changing skins. Could be cheat or user sided

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Ok, make this steps

  1. delete other loaders with neverluse
    2)go on and download agane the loader
  2. open it
  3. u good to go

the update is done btw reinstall the loader

Were there any luas used?

??? Which update ??

Idk but some updates to the cheat
I think is some bug fixes

turn on multi-core rendering on ur csgo settings restart game good to go… I think…