Crashing after windows update

have they not fixed the crashing with the new windows update cos im just updated without thinking about nl and im crashing all the time now?


rollback your update and problem will be fixed

nice joke

same oh!!!

Hey nobrain windows user, if you have enabled backups, you’re able to rollback on them. So stfu if you don’t know better

why should I roll back for only one software? where is the brain? brain is long gone

If you don’t want to do that, then stfu and wait until they support newer windows build. Ur bitching over it on post that you did not even post. I give only working solution for that particular problem. If you don’t want it, someone might want.

it’s not a solution mate. you are not fixing anything. you just suggest rolling back to the old windows version. I won’t stfu becoz your suggestion is the most ridiculous one i’ve ever seen. Thank God you didn’t suggest format and reinstall windows.

I mean its atleast an working suggestion, there won’t be other options besides waiting.

You are an idiot clearly at this point. You don’t know anything about problem and ur still arguing. It’s the only working solution without need to wait until they support newer windows version. So really, please be silent now on.

hello guys, does NL support now in Windows 10, version 21H1 update?