🌃 CS2 | Mishkat's Community HvH Config | Spread / No Spread | 1.49 NLE

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This configuration is specially made for Community HVH in CS2.
You will get regular updates & meta features.

Visuals Preview

If you want to play No Spread, just enable Remove Spread in Main Rage settings.


Ахуенный кфг топ 2 стабильно

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Configuration Update 19.12.23

  • Updated for Latest Cheat Update
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Configuration Update 18.02.24 + Media

I Decided to Make a Config, Compatible for Both Modes, Normal / Rapid.
If You Want to Use Config for Rapid, You Have to Toggle C Key.
If You Want to Bind Rapid for Another Key, Make Sure to Change All Keys That Bound to ‘C’

Also, Updated Some Ragebot Settings, Visuals & Skin Changer Changes.

Price Is Lowered to 1.5 NLE for Lifetime.

Enjoy Best Configuration for Current Meta!

Update 28.02.24

Some Changes to Rage Settings
Visual Changes
Changed Manual Yaw Offsets
Updated Skins
Overall Fixes & Changes

New media + sub giveaway

Update 12.03.24

  • Improved settings for Auto Snipers
  • Improved settings for Pistols & Revolver
  • A lot of changes to binds, make sure to read config description and rebind everything, or use mine hotkeys.
  • Fully updated visuals
  • Updated skins

Explanation for Ping Flag
I’ve made a gradient color from White to Green.
It means, if Flag Is White (:white_circle:) enemy ping is Low, if Green (:green_circle:), enemy ping Is High.
This flag Is very Important in game situations, don’t Ignore It.

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Beta config


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