CSGO moving to source2?

Of course nothing official and personally I still really like Source, be hype as fuck if they put csgo onto source2 though


Source 2 will completely fuck up every csgo cheat and everything would have to be recoded aswell as new features added, so that’s cheaters nightmare.

agreed ^^

u can wish update that is not a new case haahhaha

Surely if it comes out it will clean up the cheating scene with all pastes,since only the OG coders who can reverse will be able to continue producing cheats,it will be a new era for cheaters basically so it isn’t really cheaters nightmare,but all cheats will be shut down ATLEAST for a month.

source2 would be interesting

01.04.2020 :clown_face:

oh wow didnt read correctly :clown_face:

It isn’t a joke tho