So what do you guys think happens after dying. Please don’t get it too deep I just want to know what you guys think (short would be good) (long is ok too)


You just die lol


I mean yeah ok but this shit can get really deep so what’s happening after? U goto heaven/hell/begin a new life/get back as a animal/everything

But nobody knows aew man that’s to hard 4 me haha

and you discuss this in a cheating forum instead of a church or something.


You won’t die with :wink:

let me die

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You Just die thats it whatever Happens after death Happens after death Nobody knows Imagine If we knew lol

Yes but 90% of times you also don’t die from going to a church unless your name starts with J

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i personally believe that when u die u get reincarnated depending on what u need to finish in your life but hell what do i know i am a hvher

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Wow, guys. Tbh, I didn’t expect to see such a thread here. Thanks for creating it. Tbh, I wish we had kept it updated. You know, sometimes we discuss it at the local church of love (it’s the actual name of it). One Sunday, we came to the conclusion that everyone decided for themselves. IMO, we lose our bodies after death, but we never lose our minds (or souls). You know, scientists say that it takes 30-60 seconds for our brain to die. During this time, a person usually sees the best moments of his/her life. Still, nobody knows what happens next. Actually, it’s better not to know.

Life’s full of mysteries, and what comes after is one of the biggest ones. Personally, I believe in the idea that our soul or essence moving on to another realm, or perhaps it’s a way of becoming part of the universe in a different way. It’s hard to pin down, and it’s a topic that can get pretty deep.
Speaking of recent events, I’ve been contemplating my own end-of-life plans, and one option that’s crossed my mind is having a ceremony in a crematory in Nevada. It’s one of those things we all have to face eventually, and it’s essential to consider our preferences, even though it’s not the easiest topic to discuss.