Delayed sub

How long is the delay on the 2nd It says it’s “delayed” but how long is it?

over 1 day

just buy it with paymaster, its 20€ but instant

Didn’t work for me
And also I bought it and still waiting has passed 1.5 day

Also do you know how long can it be?

no, i bought it with paymaster but just wait u will get it soon if u bought it

Ok thank u bro

If you don’t have a sub till tomorrow go and create a ticket.

Ok thx for help

i bought mine days ago still contacting support abt it, 3 tickets deep they just keep telling me to wait 24hrs but its been over 2 days and seems like im getting nowhere


For me too i was alr 2 days but still wating if i am not going to get it in 24 hrs ima create a ticket

Greetings, do not worry, everyone will be given subscriptions, there are simply problems with the issue.

Almost 3 days has past already and i still don’t have the sub…

Create ticket on forums and tell them