Do you think they still care?

Do you think they still care abt nl ?

I do

Retarded thread what is the point in this


The point in this to ask you if you think they still care abt this cheat bcs it didnt update in a half year?
Still hittin better then 90% of other cheats no question

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thats a lie, any cheat will nearly always tap neverlose in its current state.

From what I can tell every cheat is now going through a “no update” phase. I am registered both here, OT and AW and all of them haven’t been updated in like forever. Correct me if I am wrong btw

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not realy your config is probably ass but im hitting heads and getting missed every game, every game average kd 50/12 or something.
Just work on your OWN configs and dont buy them and you will be rippin heads

In my personal experience that is not the case and I have spent a lot of time on my cfg and playstyle.

Neverlose dosnt update cus its worthless every cheat is the same now all cheat depends on scripts,

You not wrong the only reason why any of these other cheats and including neverlose will update is if OT, AW, or another cheat in general updates will be so they can compete with the new features another cheat adds. There is no reason to update a fully working cheat how ever.

Most of the cheats and companies in general just follow the principle of “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it”

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i think they don’t care

look at admins and the cheat. they don’t even care about customers.

I agree with that statement, however, resolvers and ways of resolving are very dynamic, one month the resolver can have 97% accuracy and the next month go down to 60% or even 50% in worst cases.

@ulubeyx ur wrong here They give back the time the update took for “as i heard today”
and anyways cheat has no issues running perfectly without any problems,
they only not updateing it cuz they are tired prob and also they wont spend months figuring
out new exploits dude go sit down and try make scripts or cheat for own self if you really want to.

and this shit depends on the server/ping/pc/evrything so ur wrong again.

I can concur, I have tried making my own cheat, its difficult at best and frustrating at worst. The cheat creation communities are awsome though and they have helped me understand a lot.

To an extent this is the same with most cheats that end up going public, the income is gonna constantly flow in doesnt matter if its good or not. Look at aimware it obivously needs a massive update but they dont care it’s still feeding them and putting money in their pocket. When the providers go public the main incentive for the cheat (money) is not an issue so they get lazy.

Go get a dev team and make own script hub/cheat hub if you really want that “best cheat feeling”

Yes, and eventually there will be a time in which they will need to update their resolver. However, there are a lot of factors that go into everything and what allows for the cheat to perform highly one day and perform terribly the next day. If you were able to maintain a constant ping which can be done by getting Ethernet that will provide a much more stable ping how ever distance from the server you are playing on also plays a massive role as well. As for the server that you are joining some servers don’t pay for as much RAM, CPU, DDoS Protection. Its not always on your side it can be on Valve’s side if your playing MM or it can be on the Community servers side in which they aren’t paying for enough bandwidth. Ping plays a major factor in why you can perform some days rather than others this is just the life of CS:GO player and in all reality games in general.

Tho i reccomend XO-YAW i use for months and its doing a great job so it will help you like 5-20% every time

basicly more money more kills this is csgo hvh (almost)