Dogs vs. cats

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dogs vs. cats :slight_smile:


cats are some kind of weird but also cuter :octopus:

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Yes man :DDDD

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voted dogs and it has 69% of votes now, i feel great

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wattafak dogs cant win


yea cats are better :slight_smile:

I like both of them because dogs are cute and cats are weird but they are funny too


thats is what i like in cats they are funny

you again :flushed: :joy:

Yes :smiley: :joy:

axaxax)) sit dog and enjoy win

of course you voted yourself aka dog

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hahah :rofl:

aww whos the good boyyy

obv dogs lmao.

we are kitten lovers, we are kitten gang, noone can beat us

Obv not … cats are way cuter and dogs like “kill hoomans” and they are ugly :frowning_face:

German Shepherds own me and all.

Коты конечно милые, но собаки вкуснее