Doubleshooting, neex help

Hi, im using only skinchanger without any aim or wh and 3 out of 10 shots just go in air and sometimes when i try to 1 tap my gun shoots double, i have almost 7k hrs and 10th fc lvl so it feels weird when i know how to spray control and the bullets with crosshair sometimes go up and cant hit , i checked 5x times and every option with aimbot is off. please some1 help, maybe u had the same thing:)

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Maybe rapid fire on


I have the same issue, we prob need to wait for an update

Clearly you have something toggled on, since when im playin “legit” i only have ESP on toggle, “1 tap chance” on mouse4 = aimbot with psilent. And im 2.9k elo faceit and with no issues with my aim. It’s my own aim and my own spray control. I can send u my “legit” cfg if u need one. :slight_smile:

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u are faceit 2.9k fr>?

same issue mate even with new config with nothing toggeled on

Sent you a private message :slight_smile: