Erro Inject

After injec error 6

  • I don’t have any antivirus on or anti cheat and this error is given to me. Does anyone know how to solve it?

Do you have Windows Defender? Make sure you disable it completely.

No i dont have any anti virus

Are you sure? the cheat is asking you to delete any antivirus/anti cheat, is not asking for disabling it, so make sure. If the problem persists, then make a ticket in support.

Yo i have dissabled the anti cheat completly but i can still not inject. Have not been able to for 1 week now. You know what i might have to do to fix this?

Delete the anti cheat.

If you’re 100% sure you disabled all antiviruses and anticheats make a ticket

i did, 1 week ago

they are being overflooded by people with injection problems aswell. So they might not even answear

I also have this problem

Might be a problem with Win version, they announced on Discord that they’re looking into it

disable anti-virus