Favorite movie/seires and songs

What are your favorite movies/series and songs?
My favorite movie is Star Wars
Songs: emo rap,normal rap and some chill beats.

Все от марвел и DC

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marvel and some horror movies

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Damn you all like marvel, I do too lol

altered carbon is a good serie on netflix. its worth watching

thank you, will keep that in mind!

F&F all parts and literally almost every type of music.

DC films

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wolf of wallstreet / the godfather / donnie brasco

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the godfather is nice :+1:

John Wick series + soundtrack, best combo


imagine watching movies
fav music though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqiO8wV4-wc

Fab movie:Star war
Fav songs: I like electronic rap trap classic

says the guy whos always in netflix


comedy: Superbad
horror: A Quiet Place
drama: Fight Club

My favorite movie is inseption. This movie is just so insanly brainfuck I enjoy it xD
And my fav song is Cracks - Killstation

Flash, Arrow, Teen wolf, Modern Family, legends of tomorrow, Gotham and Lucifer.
In general marvel movies