Fix anti vac pls

I have often been VAC banned after a game

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Don’t use old cfgs and try to manually update them. I did that and also got vac banned. Go with cfgs that are V3 ready. Hope that helps.

Configs do not change the fact that a cheat is detected. Stop the copium.

actually its features, anything like fs or dp will get you detected, same with silent aim.
So cfgs do change the fact depending on what he uses

When you inject NL entering the hall more than 30 min will be VAC

My friend told me

When you use a legit bot you will VAC, only time will be longer, about 1 to 3 days

thats a fucking blatant lie, I semi on main and still havent been banned

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check again

It isnt banned lmao, its cause dp, fs, and silent aim or anything that does shit with your yaw or pitch gets you banned, its not the cheat itself but the features within that are detected on every hack rn

midnight fix anti vac XD

aimware fixed too

use aimware then …

i dont have aimware QWQ