General info for NL update please read

As you all noticed the game had an major update and its normal for all cheats to not work properly or completly after such an update. This applys to every cheat and every game most likely.

Please stop making new threads just to ask if the update is here or to say that u crash after injecting.

Please kindly open your loader or some people call it “injector”, click on CS2 and check the Last updated section. If it says anything diferent than “Updated: 30.01.2024 22:31” its most likely updated to the newest game version and its ready to use for the subscribers. So please be patient like we all are. Thanks : D


bro is NOT moderator

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I dont care if i am or not im just trying to tell people how to check if its updated or not and its unnecessary to make a million threads about the same update topic where they ask if its updated or not. so chill out m8

These guys literally can’t read though, I wonder how they got through the payment process in the first place


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still true tho

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damn @Squapix what an honer u replied the last time 2 years ago on this forum and u replied on my thread

hey baby girl

Sadly, those people who ask these questions won’t even see this thread

cry for me please…

davidkfmn76 это дети они ничего не понимают
these are children, they don’t understand anything

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mf im just not on the forums normally

Is it possible that the update will be updated in a few minutes? doubt.

I personally think that the update will be very soon. I have no evidence for that but it looks like some trusted person already tested the working cheat and they are looking for bugs currently.
We need to be a little more patient.


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They are updating and fixing cheats.
Add functionality for cheating and safely bypass
Known so far: Rapid fire,Perfect Silence(180°),Anti-kick in standby state

The new name for NL is NU bc it’s Neverupdate not Neverlose

I rather wait after a big update than having a bugged, crashing and detected cheat.
Look at Rifk7 (a cheat provider) they released their shit cheat which crashes 24/7 and it’s detected. It doesn’t have a lot of features and the existing features aren’t working properly.
Better wait for NL to release a god like cheat

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SK has everything it should have, and it has also been released and launched quickly, but NL, which has the same promise, has almost no news at all. I hope to update it today.