Give my 1 sub pls

someone rich or with money left could donate me 1 cheat? it could be (nixware, legendwarev4, onetap, neverlose) I’m Brazilian and 19 euros in Brazil is 120 reais and even more expensive with a reseller it’s hard to get that money even more I can’t work due to lack of age

(pandora crack is bad)

(pls donate)

My discord:loraxx#4718

:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Would you help me?



what is that

I can’t buy a sub, I don’t work and a sub is too expensive for me Brazilian

then dont play hvh its not for you

and hvh is for guys who don’t even know how to move but use neverlose?,guys who just get lucky and play shit?


Mate stop begging. Nobody will donate you a sub. Half the people on this forums don’t even have jobs lol most are kids too

there are several with money left over and many who have gamesense just don’t donate because of the ego

Ego? no you’re a random kid begging, why would we give you a sub for free?

yes ego, people with extra money and not wanting to give it ok, sicker people who keep calling others poor, monkeys are a bunch of retards

If you don’t have money, then don’t hvh mate. Or stick to free cheats, none of us are shilling out $20 just because you’re too young to work a 9-5 job. Not hard to make money as a kid tbf

I’m asking for a donation I’m not making you pay anything if you don’t want to just say “no” and don’t keep saying “you poor monkey” like other people have said

I didn’t call you poor? probably should have though :man_shrugging:

We definitely don’t know how to move and it’s all luck