Give us Paymaster Back!

As a reseller Paydash is just an inconvinience to use.
Please give us Paymaster back. It was the superior payment processor.
It’s literally impossible to resell at the moment because paydash is just a hassle and declines every card you give it.

You’re losing money, big time.

  • Paydash is also in USD… which means you’re losing money here too.

+1. We want paymaster back

+1 fix it man.

i cant even pay with paydash

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+fix please

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listen to the big man himself, fix it. asap.

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paid for a sub, didnt get a sub, bought OT because didnt get NL, mistake.


out of 4 attempts I made, 2 failed and they still reserved my money. Am still waiting for em to either refund or give the subs lol.

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So atm we are unable to buy subs via card? Only Cryptos?

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+1 paymaster

Threads like this are useless and I’m surprised that one of our reseller does not even understand what is happening. Paymaster stopped cooperating with us, how can we bring it back?

Anyways, we’re already working on a new payment system, so please be patient guys.