Have you ever regretted cheating?

Have you guys ever regretted cheating in cs:go and if you have,why? Also why did you start cheating


idk if this counts but the only time i’ve ever regretted cheating was right after my main got banned. cus my dumbass used ezfrags. other than that no. and i started cheating as a meme, playing with ezfrags etc, then i moved onto pastes n other shit


yeah when I used to play legit in mm and faceit, I was practically that good it felt like I was cheating, don’t regret it


Lol I feel ya, I banned my main with 3k hours cuz I went full retard mode with a cheat called Aimtux, sad pepe

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yep, i only started cheating cuz i got banned from esea

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Never really been banned so I don’t regret anything :wink:

Honestly probs not but if i ever blow up for gaming in some other game possibly i could

I got banned for using ezfrags aswell lmao

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ezfrags was my first cheat lol

Yeah I’ve always thought about it,I’ve got a cheating carreer now in YT and later on if i wanna quit it,its gonna be pain in the ass

I used the premium version and got vac banned xd

i started it because i was bored of the game, my first cheat i used was some random multihack with wh in 2015, got banned. second ban was in 2015 aswell with abitsmarter back when it was free and not hosted by mutiny. i’ve never really regretted it.

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Dont really regret cheating cuz i never cheated on my Main and how i started cheating was cuz i was kinda bored Not because i was that good i wasnt But then i tryed and it was Just too fun

Nono don’t touch me there this is my nono square

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makes the game better started playing in 2014 started cheating in 2018 cs became more fun to me beside the toxic community which i personally dont really like but there are many good people so yea

Yes daddy

No regrets whatsoever

harsh lol

Sometimes I feel bad for the legits so nowadays I only use backtrack and sound esp since my right headphone is broken


oof lol,thats a mega legit gaymer moment