How Do I Get A Invite Or Apply?

How do i get a invite or apply , as i wanted neverlose for a while now and i do not know how to get it im willing to purchase it i just dont know how to get the motherfucking invite , anyone help?


you have to wait for another application wave to get neverlose

There is currently, as of 14-08-2020 not any invite waves.

Whenever they occour, you will have to create a ticket.
You need to follow the correct template as well.
The discord announces whenever they open (within a 7-day timeframe i suppose)

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But its not the “Website Support” Ticket right?

You can submit an application to the cheat when they are just opened, but for now, nothing (

I’m gonna say the exact same thing as the others. Wait for an application wave

No it’s not it will be named “ Invite Ticket”

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You can find all the info about how to apply for invite Invite/Application Information (ENG/RU)

Join the Discord Server for future application wave updates.


wait for applications or invite wave

wait invite wave pls

you have to wait for wave