How do you guys feel about school closing for quarantine

I know that some freshmens may be happy but i know some seniors that hated getting off graduation year are any of you guys happy that school got out or are you mad and want to go back

my school already ended up i made all of my exams :slight_smile:

next week school :frowning:

schools already reopened for me lol

what HAHAA

Tbh essential workers kida should be aloud to go and them only like many people are struggling because of this and it needs to be fixed fast

That sucks cause we got tons of things to do, way more than we used to have when schools were opened

E-learning sucks.

Плохо, мне трудно готовится к экзаменам сидя дома.

Yeah that is also true for me to @ivaneblan89

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idrc :slight_smile: stay safe yall


nice country u sell?

Yes ofc @SeZu
Contact me to buy

fake ids cough cough

my exams is cancelled

I got like 7weeks of school and then I had to go to school for 3 days and now I have 4weeks no school again and I only need to go to school for like 10 days and then this school semester/year ends lol

It was amazing when our school just uploaded vids of lesson explanation but now it sucks cuz of live, vid explanation was fast and good but now a class takes ~50 mins to explain something that is so easy and also its at a specific time so I have to fix my sleeping schedule… But atleast its still better that having to go to school.