How to extend the life of your account and remain without a ban?

Experts, please tell me how anti-cheat works. After half a month of playing with the cheat, I discovered that when playing a rage game for a couple of games in prime mode, they give a 24-hour ban for reporting. Moreover, when I play legit, they ban me much longer. Is it currently impossible to play rage endlessly?

yes valve made s subsystem called grief bans people will and can get you banned via report automatically. VAC only detects spread/exploits right now new safe mode you will be safe no more no spread and Anti Aim and you should be ok. In the future they might also detect cheater gameplay but for now its not the case as they dont have enough raw data to feed VAC to ensure no false bans.

It’s interesting how people play with a cheat at a rating of 30000)) How do they get there? use different accounts to boost the main one?) It’s almost impossible to beat 30,000 alone :frowning:

Do not use no spread and aa, keep a good acting as much as possible, under the current priority matching, if too many people report you, you will soon be monitored by ai supervision, as for those players with 30,000 points, I know some, they usually play in a team, rage when they meet other cheaters, and legit when they meet normal players. Try to keep kd and win percentage as high as possible, but they are now banned because they are now monitored by ai regulation after being reported by multiple people, the nl team posted their thoughts on value’s ai regulation on youtube, maybe you can check it out and get more ideas and enjoy your game :partying_face:

i use down pitch backwards aa when i run into another cheater, haven’t been banned yet. You are right tho everything is fine to use except nospread and AA but who knows