How to miss less with doubletap?

Every time I use doubletap it misses a lot or just baims, but when I use hideshots it hits head atleast 3x more

i think the logic is DT/2 (Baim)

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because your using doubletap?
it’s not hard to understand. You are missing more because you are shooting 2 bullets at once??

I meant while using scout BTW, anyway do is very accurate if it’s baiming auto but scout never hits head

use 80-85 hc in scout with 100dmg 79-90 in pointscale (head)


Fix your cfg, also hideshots limits BT range, resulting in resolving target better, while DT will usually force for BT.

double tap have an different accuracy than the normal accuracy while not using an exploit or using hideshots and their automatic accuracy boost isn t the best atm so yea but if you find good settings for auto and for your ping you are going to hit more and about the baims the cheat will try to go hp/2 because if he s like 100 hp it will try to hit 2 of 50 damage so it ll baim most probably and if you prefer/force baim it s even more likely to hit body instead of head

79 head scale right?

90 pointscale ??? whachu trynna shoot crows? airplanes? god???

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You were the only one thats right cause i had it on lmao

playing since 2017

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Why do you have a blue name, did you get banned or are you talking about playing HvH since '17?

blue name cuz never played with nl, when i got skeet i have been used it since march, then i got banned so i decided to buy nl and now this is my main hax

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Haha what did you get banned for?


wym ip issue lmfao

dont use pointscale. let them on auto (disabled) thats the best thing