How to start coding cheats? Как начать кодирование

Hello, I’ve seen plenty of people asking how to start coding cheats and is it easy to learn. So i’m creating this thread to help out people who want to begin but don’t know how to!

-First thing you want to do is download Visual Studio. After downloading visual studio you will be asked to install packets,those are important because if you don’t install the right ones, you will get shit ton of errors. Here I will show you what packets you need for cheat coding:

  • So the basic way of understanding it though for game hacking in csgo is: You have functions and you have hooks. The functions run in the hooks to make the game do stuff, the functions are changed via values. Values are stored inside the game as offsets. Those offsets are parts of chunks, of which are parts of chunks inside dlls that run in the game. It’s all like a huge spiderweb.

  • You certainly don’t want to start coding by scratch so you might want to install some source code that’s going to help you out understanding things better such as CSGOSIMPLE’s base. After you’ve downloaded the base and opened it, you will want to build the solution and get your DLL file! CTRL + Shift + B does the job for you! Go ingame check what your cheat offers and from there decide what things you want to change.

  • Keep in mind that you will always get errors,but don’t quit, it’s part of the coding experience,from errors you learn new stuff and with time you will understand things better!

I will give you some tips on which bases are the best to use:

I hope I was helpful enough to let you start coding your cheat, good luck!

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Here are the packets you will need:

Ah yes, How to paste tutorial by VeL


You can’t really start coding without knowing shit about it,you start off by changing stuff in the base you chose to work with.

Yes b1g coder VeL


Also, learn c++ before doing any of this, and some basic fundimentals of game hacking like how to find offsets with cheat engine etc useful stuff. Also, before moving to internals, you should make a few trainers and practice your reverse engineering skills, since that’s what you are gonna need, especially when rebuilding setupbones etc.


good tip ^^

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this is the most important step before starting on making cheats or similar things. You need to be VERY familiar with the programming language (c++ is the best for cheats). If u dont understand c++ u should NOT start with programming cheats!

Not really, you can learn things without having knowledge about c++

and source fatal 2k18 :slight_smile:

You only can learn how to paste without c++ knowledge. You need to understand what you do if you want to “code”.

yup. u need to be able to understand what ur doing and make your own style. U cant make ur own style if u dont know how to. + if u dont have any knowledge when it comes to c++ ur gonna have a REALLY hard time. sure it might be simple for some easy games but when it comes to csgo ur should know the language

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