HvH Config by drip

My selfmade config for HvH.
It´s mainly for Auto, Scout, Awp, Deagle, R8 and Pistols.
Ive got only good feedback yet and it always gets Updated.
The Visuals are pretty clean (Lightblue, Purple)

For any questions dm me on discord: drip#2770

The Config: NeverLose.cc - Unique software with a lot of visual functions

Media with it: http://youtube.com/c/driphvh

:wheel_of_dharma: TOS :wheel_of_dharma:

:x: No leaking :x:

:x: No reselling :x:

:x: No information sharing about the config :x:

[By purchasing the config you automatically agree to the TOS :exclamation:

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oh shit I know this guy, he has insane cfgs


Я лутше кфг кислоти куплу за 5 евро

best cfg on the market

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thanks :slight_smile: