Hvh highlights #7 (ft. neverlose.cc beta)


Cool media

Nice media, keep it going!

this cheat is on release gonna be better then OTv3 after months lmao

it is better than ot v3

there is no v3 crack :D. its better then the v2 crack most of the times (60-80%)

from the media that i watched i would say totally. the last resolver update was 24.February 2020 (since v3 launch there is only an update every 1,5 months).There was an update last week but they didnt do anything to the resolver (wich needs the cheat the most)…the cheat is very bipolar and the only thing u can do is DT baim or awp baim. Dont even try to go for head bcs ur likely to miss “due too spread” anyways.(not a cfg issue)…and there are so many issues with ppl crashing all the time and having the weirdest bugs…

If OT doesnt get its shit together nerverloose is easily gonna be number 1

just p.

i know but i writte so many times otc

sexy media !

image image
owww shit, when real name?

UPD: media really cool <3

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well done! highlights #7, wow!

Not bad at all

I asked moderator to change my name on forum. He said it’s too hard :confused:

блин круто :muscle: