Hwid spoofing !?

So ive been having issues recently which caused me to reset my pc ,
I was spoofing hwid to cheat on apex legends and a few other games , once my sub for the spoofer was over i kept getting hwid issues ?
So i thought okay let me reset my pc factory and use my external drive whilst doing so … ( i was using my external ssd to get clips on anyway ) ,

After resetting i was still getting hwid issue ( invalid ) . . . hmm ? well im not spoofing anymore , and im factory reset now wtf is causing this .

200iq let me unplug the external ssd and see if thats the problem …

Guess what guys ‘External ssd = Hwid changer’

Dont ask me how what where when ? i have no idea how that works but apparently it does or its an issue with just my external ssd , But i tested it and it would seem that was the issue , Anyone else ever had something like this ?

Story time over lol today you may have learnt something new :rofl:


lol u literally posted the same on OT forum

yeah since you can reset your own hwid there its easy to test the issue Lol

this is what ive learnt today haha