I get error (6)

i get error (6) cannot start neverlose kernel module.

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did you get this cheat just too


nice but i hope it gets fixed soon that we can go and play :slight_smile:

I fixxed it by uninstalling every anti cheat that i have on my PC (including Faceit Anticheat & Riot Vanguard) and when injecting neverlose disable every antivirus programm that you have beside windows defender.

but i dont have faceit or valorant or fortnite what anti cheat i have?

does rust easy anti cheat do something? cause i forgot it has it own anti cheat

still didint work even thought i deleted easy anti cheat and battle eye anti cheat

Disable your antivirus

i have it disabled

i think there is nothing i can do. i uninstalled every anti cheat and disabled my anti virus

Run the loader as an admin

did that aswell but didint work

i dont know what could cause this. every anti cheat is deleted and my anti virus is off

Very weird, open a support ticket and try to get an admin to help you.

Turn off the firewall? The best thing to do currently is to write a ticket to the admins.

i did wrote ticket to admins and i did turn off firewall other people has had this same problem. i hope this gets fixed soon i cant wait to play with this i have waited so long :frowning:

maybe stop spamming both discord/forums making duplicates of your post and wait an answer from staff through tickets

wonder how you got in tbh

write to the cheat support personally, or make a ticket