I need help from somone smart xD

hey i have a question
i hope somone can answer it
whenever i use doubletap
my indicator on melancholia says “rapid” basically it means doubletap
but the problem is
whenever i enable doubletap either my characters antiaim goes crazy or my character automatically by itself runs into the enemie’
and i cant even controll it

im using the lua / melancholia live version

lua issue


lua issue if u want smooth experience with no lags just buy LOGIC.LUA :+1: :+1: :+1:

lmfao logic was good like a year ago xD

First. DT isn’t useable with fakelag except for the dt fakelag. So it’s normal that ur antiaim moves more than on fakelag. Second DT don’t make u walk inside pp, it decharges when an enemy is visible. But that’s a feature u can disable in the Lua