I was gonna buy neverlose but could someone just explain me this

why is the site using 100% of my cpu i litreally cannot do anything without disabling javascript ?

Well, I don’t know but looks like an u issue :thinking:

so the rumors that nl is bitcoin miner is true or false ? i have 4500 euro setup

where did you hear that?

in reddit there was some screen shots and lot of people talkin bout this

Ah alright, but ngl that’s just not true.

press the main button top right and check ur cpu usage from task manager

All normal for me what cpu do you have?

rtx 3080 ti

That’s not the cpu but alright

thats gpu bud

oh sorry lmao my grapichs card is rtx 3080 ti cpu is i7 9700k

sounds like u already downloaded smth else then lol

Weird in my opinion you should run an antivirus or something that looks if you have some weird stuff on your pc

it works normally if i disable java script

so u dont have any problems when going to main page

Nope nothing

like i wanna buy nl but that just seems kinda weird to me

I don’t know it’s completely normal for me.

what is ur problem lmao